March soaps

All soaps are PALM OIL FREE and handmade on the farm using only Twenty Hill Farm raw goat’s milk.


Antigua Flower Show specialty soaps.


100% Natural Range

Activated charcoal, tea tree and eucalyptus – a fantastic cleansing bar, great for the face and anyone suffering from acne.

Sea kelp, tea tree and peppermint – good for tired muscles and sore joints as well as being a super cleansing wrinkle and acne fighting bar.

Rose clay and bergamot – a refreshing and gentle bar ideal for the face and sensitive skin in need of a little rejuvenation.

Lemongrass – the most popular scent which lingers on your skin.

Oats & clay – fragrance free exfoliating bar with gentle moisturizing properties from natural oats.

Fragranced range

A variety of fragrances made with cosmetic fragrance oils and the highest quality, dye free coloured micas.