Farm life


It’s been a long road to be able to call this place a ‘farm’, but here I am.  This journey which is one filled with love for four legged creatures and Mother Nature began I was born, in this house which is now Twenty Hill Farm, in Antigua W.I.

My extravagant hippy parents paved the way for many weird and wonderful creatures to be in my life from birth. At age 2 we got our rescue monkey, with my father assuring myself and my sisters that he was not our pet, he was our brother.  He accompanied many horses who were my mother’s first loves, a few donkeys, several dogs and even more cats, parrots, a mean sheep and so many others along the way.  We were then moved (bribed by the promise of my own pony) to England, where horses became the focus of my life and the reason my school attendance record was seriously below par.

The next few years brought some ‘not so great’ times; to cut a very long story short, after the death of both my parents and hating pretty much every animal-less, dissatisfying job I have ever had, I decided to move back in to the house where it all began. The house by this point had been left abandoned for years and was a disaster, which was heart breaking; not only because it was where my family had started, but my grandfather had built it in the 70’s and it’s a pretty spectacular place.  Anyone homesteading or farming, or even just repairing a house with a seriously limited budget (or no budget a lot of the time) can tell you it is enough to make you crazy, and probably more so in the Caribbean.  Land of the perfect beaches?  Yes.  Land of reliable workforces and bargain stores?  No.

It didn’t take long for the animal craziness to resume and I have somehow managed to fill the place with many four legged friends in just 3 years. Most of the fencing, pens and paddocks came after the animals, which made for goats raiding the kitchen, horses waiting for breakfast on the patio, some serious shouting, endless chasing and a lot of laughing.

But here I am in the craziness. I love it and I try never to take it for granted.